Custom Built Homes

A custom designed home should take into account your location, the look you want to achieve, and the functionality you desire. You might wish to maximise your enjoyment of a fantastic viewing spot, cater for a large family, build your ideal work-from-home office, or incorporate the latest green home design concepts. Custom built homes can include all of your ideas, with a polished finish, displaying style and design elements to the highest standard.

What is a Custom Built Home?

Whatever you imagine a home providing, a custom built home is designed to create this vision. An expert consultation is the best way to begin the process. Bring your ideas with you. Talk to designers from different backgrounds and styles, who'll help you specify what your custom built home will look like.

A custom built home emerges from an initial meeting, or series of meetings, and is then drawn onto an architectural plan. Your vision could be as simple as a clipping from a magazine, a photograph from a friend's kitchen, or a picture of a designer home you've seen somewhere. Other clients might be very close to knowing every detail of the home they'd like to buy, and frustrated they've not seen it on the existing property market.

Wherever you're coming from, a custom built home designer can turn your dream home into a reality.

Next, a comprehensive list of building and construction experts, needed for each phase of the build, are engaged. Once contractors commence work, each stage of your custom built home is closely project-managed. From laying the foundations, to landscaping the pool, no detail is spared.

Because each home is unique, custom built homes are desirable for those who wish to create an iconic home, which meets their every requirement, and provides the luxury needed to enjoy a perfect lifestyle.

The Advantages of Custom Built Homes

Custom built homes companies engage the best contractors within the building and construction industry. One of the main advantages of custom built homes is the high quality of workmanship, and the attention to detail you receive as a client.

Another major advantage is the personal relationship you establish with your custom built homes company. This highly specialised industry enjoys creating bespoke designs, for customers who cherish their homes, and want to enjoy the process of turning their dream design into bricks and mortar.

Custom build designers are constantly working with green building solutions, and are expert in ways to incorporate energy and water-saving technology into new homes. Additionally, a clean, finished look, is applied to audio and visual applications. A custom built home gives you the chance to think about how the functional use of your home has a neat and crisp appearance, while servicing your energy and entertainment needs.

Custom builds often require expert craftsmen, landscape designers, and masonry specialists, who are masters at creating finished work you can be proud of. Perhaps you've planned a custom built home with some unique ideas, and know you've 'seen it somewhere', but haven't any idea how to hire the right contractors. You will find custom built homes companies can help you navigate, with ease, the tradesmen you'll hire to build your perfect home.

Home Additions and Alterations

Sometimes, existing homes need remodelling or additions, and a custom home design company can help you transform your existing property into something delightful.

Have your interesting extension, second-storey, pool with landscaping, outdoor building, customised garage or work space, or ensuite spa bathroom, lovingly integrated into your existing home. Whatever it is you need, a custom built homes expert can design the addition for you, ensuring the look and feel of the new space fits perfectly within your home.

Remember that custom designers have experience adding to existing properties, refitting and remodelling, and creating homes from scratch. Their expertise is invaluable to anyone wanting to change part of their home into an ideal living space.

Ongoing Property Maintenance

Custom built homes experts don't say goodbye when your beautiful home is completed. Offering ongoing property maintenance and advice, on any matters to do with your new home, is all part of the service. Be reassured that at all stages, your property will benefit from expert craftsmanship, a top quality finish, and a functional standard, meeting every requirement of your ideal home.

From the moment you meet your custom built homes designer, to the minute you step through your new front door, you'll be in expert hands.

Custom Built Homes


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